the project

cropped-maytabor.jpgLanguage used to be enough. Story used to be enough. Image used to be enough.  Now I need frames around these frames. I need architecture beneath my impulses.

In 2012 I gave myself the goal of daily walks to Mt. Tabor, a big, beautiful park near my house in Portland, OR. I actually started daily walks there in the summer of 2011, but on January 1st of the new year, I added an extra component.  I said that I would not only walk, but take a photograph of the park every day and post it on my blog, Daily Tabor.  I didn’t care who looked at it. The point wasn’t to cultivate followers. I only cared that I followed through with the goal as best I could.  And I did.  It was a great experience.

As I approached my 43rd birthday, a new project seemed to be in order. Writing a random blog wasn’t going to cut it.  And while setting out into the world without reflection or accountability sounded nice, I knew whatever goals I set for myself would either suffocate under a pile of excuses or evaporate from my shoddy memory. I needed something that combined both adventure and contemplation.

What I came up with is this: For each week of my 43rd year, I will seek out at least one new experience, one new adventure. Each week I will record what I find and post it here. As a person who too often falls back on the familiar, my hope is that this project will push me into the world in interesting ways and that the framework of this blog will offer an opportunity to dig deeper and share what I learn.

Thanks for checking it out.


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  1. Most excellent, Ms. Tracy. I will certainly be checking in to see how your year progresses. Are you going to add a “follow” button? If so, I’ll be following you with my very own wordpress site, which is sadly neglected since school started. Be well!

    1. Thanks Clark! There should be a follow button up in the black toolbar at the top. Good luck with your school year, mister.

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