month four: summary

Procrastination elimination month has been a success. Not an overwhelming success. The trellis in the backyard is still broken and I may or may not get around to prepping my garden beds in the next couple of days and I didn’t submit that story anywhere, and, and, and…

The ridiculous list posted below (far more for my own satisfaction than for your reading pleasure) will show that I did manage to tackle some unpleasantness. I think this will have to be a yearly event. Of course, as soon as I write that, relief rushes in knowing that I’ve just given myself permission to build up a new procrastination list until next year. Until then, however, I’ll keep up with limiting my Facebook useage and keep up with some better dental hygiene after a warning of periodontal disaster on the horizon and I’ll keep showing up in my newly cleaned and repurposed back room to write every Monday morning as if it was my job, because maybe it is.

4.1.15 – Had important long-delayed conversation with friend.

4.2.15 – Quit all insurance networks for massage biz.

4.3.15 – Made dentist appointment for the first time in years.

4.4.15 – Ordered new postcard holder/lotion/washcloths for office.

4.5.15 – Trimmed tree in front yard. Finished taxes.

4.6.15 – Cleaned out bedroom drawers/closet.

4.7.15  – Quit facebook

4.8.15 – Set up French drain estimate

4.9.15 – Researched water heaters (decided not to replace mine yet). Dusted EVERYTHING in the living room.

4.10.15 – Made a Hakomi-influenced counseling appointment to follow up with previous continuing ed class.

4.11.15 – Did dishes. That is all.

4.12.15 – Started cleaning back room. Talked to sister for the first time in many months.

4.13.15 – Cleaned more in back room. Did massage biz tasks. Researched credit union vs current IRA- keeping current account.

4.14.15 – Cleaned out bookcase junk drawers.

4.15.15 – Cleaned inside of car.

4.16.15 – Went to dentist. Bought electric toothbrush, scheduled follow-up dental work.

4.17.15 – Fixed slow bathtub drain without calling a plumber!

4.18.15 – Arranged for office curtains to be hemmed.

4.19.15 – Cleaned up yard debris pile in back yard.

4.20.15 – Researched new massage biz booking system/database.

4.21.15 – Got office curtains hemmed, mowed front lawn, made follow-up appt. for elbow pain.

4.22.15 – Washed a couple windows. Met with french drain contractor.

4.23.15 – Got rid of tubs of pennies. Follow up dental work. Follow up acupuncture tx.

4.24.15 – Resolved business problem with MVA claim forms.

4.25.15 – Worked on getting blog updated.

4.26.15 – Started Hatha yoga again after a month+ of injury.

4.27.15 – Started weekly writing time: Monday mornings, no excuses. Researched landscaper to dig up front lawn.

4.28.15 – Bought new bathroom light fixture. Did some dreaded clothes shopping.

4.29.15 – Probably give the bathroom it’s long overdue ceiling-to-floor scrubbing.

4.30.15 – Probably (hopefully? maybe?) prep my garden beds for summer veggies.


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