All Land an Island. All Blue the Sea

Summerbear Press presents Tracy Burkholder’s collection of photography and poetry, All Land and Island. All Blue the Sea (2021). Trade paperback available for pre-order. Release date, March 1. Pre-order HERE

Yesterday a caregiver taught me that cats have 13 muscles in each ear. A nursing home resident taught me that a busy elephant is called a multitusker. And a palm tree taught me that it grows beautiful purple berries. I want to tell them the heart is the shape of a whirling dervish, but maybe they already know.

I Want More

Summerbear Press presents Tracy Burkholder’s lyrical hybrid, I Want More (2019). Trade paperback available in the STORE and at other online bookstores.

Photo from I Want More by Tracy Burkholder

I want. Want being the valley with hills on the horizon. Want being the base of the hills and a trail leading up. Want being the river always going and the lake always wide. Want being the long, slow protest gathering marchers. Want being the tilt at the waist, the wobbly lunge, the leap. Want being the stretched wide wail, the barely controlled tear. Want being the sway in this dress of unbreakable thread.

I Want More¬†is nothing short of breathtaking. No, really, I held my breath so many times that longing itself rushed into my body. No one anywhere is exploring a more thrilling resuscitation of writing and the body. The interplay between text, image, and the insistence of liminal space as a real place where desire and language might yet rewrite a life simply stunned me. This book ignites language at the surface of my very skin. Let it bring you back to the eros of life.”

– Lidia Yuknavitch, author of Verge

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