Unknown Alphabets

In a continuation/expansion of her previous collection, Unknown Alphabets pairs image and poetry as a way to explore our connection with the world around us and the world that is us. How do we mourn the dead that haunt our dreams, celebrate the new leaves that stir our joy, and translate the strange messages whispered to us from sidewalks and rivers?

All Land an Island. All Blue the Sea

In 2020 Tracy Burkholder set out to post a photo and short freewrite every day as a simple exercise. As the year unraveled into a swirl of pandemic, unemployment, social unrest and various literal and figurative fires, this small art challenge became a valuable daily ritual. All Land and Island. All Blue the Sea brings together a collection of these visual/textual contemplations to create a diary of a difficult but still wondrous year.

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“This book ignites language at the surface of my very skin.”

Lidia Yuknavitch, author of Verge.

In a hybrid of poetry, memoir and image, Tracy Burkholder maps the experience of want and the ways it is born, complicated and celebrated from childhood to middle-age. From the pleading of a child’s prayers to the ecstasy of a perfect spring night, to the frank exploration of an open relationship, I Want More expands beyond the realm of boy meets girl (or girl meets girl) into the internal and external geographies that make up the territory of our desire.

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